"Capturing Love: A Valentine's Themed Photo Shoot at Elevar Studio"

Valentine's Day, the day of love, is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a whimsical and creative photoshoot? If you're in search of inspiration for your Valentine's Day photoshoot, look no further! In the heart of downtown Spokane lies Elevar Studio, a charming space that provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic and artsy experience.

Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity and capture the essence of love through photography. Elevar Studio, with its unique charm and versatile setting, is the ideal location to bring your vision to life. Whether you're a photographer or someone looking to create memorable images, this studio offers a canvas for your imagination.

The choice of props can play a significant role in enhancing the Valentine's Day theme. A pink vintage phone, with its retro charm, becomes a symbol of timeless connection. The pink lip phone adds a playful and modern twist, reflecting the contemporary aspects of love. Surrounding the set with florals adds a touch of nature, infusing the images with freshness and beauty.

Elevar Studio, with its thoughtfully designed spaces and natural light, allows for a seamless blending of these elements. The combination of the vintage props against the studio's backdrop creates a unique juxtaposition that highlights both the classic and modern aspects of love, making for visually stunning photographs.

The versatility of Elevar Studio extends beyond its physical space. The atmosphere of downtown Spokane adds an extra layer of charm to the photoshoot, allowing for dynamic shots against the cityscape or quaint streets. This combination of studio and city provides endless possibilities for capturing love in all its forms.

This Valentine's Day, let your creativity soar at Elevar Studio in downtown Spokane. A photoshoot filled with vintage phones, playful props, and beautiful florals is sure to result in images that not only capture the spirit of love but also become timeless mementos. Whether you're a photographer looking for a unique setting or someone eager to create lasting memories, Elevar Studio offers the perfect canvas for your Valentine's Day vision. Celebrate love, celebrate creativity, and let Elevar Studio be the backdrop to your romantic masterpiece.


Model: baby_panei

Host: @dreamily.portraits

Co-Host & Earrings: @__wild.flowers__

Hair: @ravensbeautybook

Makeup: @emilyoplandink

Event Decor: @bohemianrentals.spokane

Florals: @shoppearlandtin

Balloons: @honeyloonballoonco

Videographer: @pretty.handsome.awkward.pnw

Creative Assistant: @angelica.aalberto

Studio: @elevarspokane